Commercial & Agriculture

Highland Helicopters holds an Agricultural Aircraft Operations 137 certificate and is a certified chemical handler (Growsafe).

The Bell 206L-1 LongRanger is fitted with TrackMap GPS technology, allowing highly accurate application of both solid and liquid products. Using the TrackLink system, we are able to upload your paddock maps for a more efficient job. We can also provide proof of placement mapping.

To maximise spray efficiency, we designed and built our own spray system, which is lighter and therefore allows us to comfortably carry 500 litres.

We work hard to indicate precise timeframes and costs for upcoming work, appreciating that you have your own budgets and schedules to work to. After years of working alongside farmers, Paul knows that good communication is critical. When you call 027 4400860 and book in your job you are talking directly to the Pilot.

Weather is the variable and Highland Helicopters uses the most up-to-date and accurate forecasts available, monitoring the forecast constantly.

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Aerial Spraying

Highland Helicopters can accommodate all your aerial spraying needs, including insecticides, herbicides and liquid fertilisers onto crops, pastures and forestry.

We provide gorse and broom control solutions and have access to competitive chemical pricing.

Topdressing and Seeding

Highland Helicopters offers the full range of topdressing and seeding servies.
The efficient distribution of granulated fertiliser and lime, grass and crop seed is made possible with the use of our 800L bucket. Custom-made by Red1 Fabrication, it holds 500kg of product.

We can also take care of the stages either side of seeding – blanket spraying, fertiliser application and post-emergence weed and pest control.

Precision Placement and Lifting

Paul honed his long-lining skills in the highlands of PNG. His experience in long lining makes him ideal for transporting items – diggers, sewerage tanks, water tanks, etc – into awkward locations.

Contact us to discuss what you need transported. We can assess the job and provide an estimate, as well as scheduling.

Stock and Snow Work

Heli mustering on difficult terrain can be a cost efficient and highly effective way of moving stock. The advantage of an aerial view cannot be overstated.

In the event of unexpected snowfalls, we can take shepherds and dogs into high country to rescue stock.